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Passenger Ferries


Jalboot fast ferries are built from an in house design, powered by high speed jets and fuel efficient twin Volvo Penta engines.

The catamaran design of our vessels means that we minimise the waves and wash we create. That also means we cause less damage to the sea bed and marine channels.

Water jet propulsion systems do not use external propellers. That means we minimise disruption and potential harm to marine life under the surface.

Our engines are among the most fuel efficient currently available in the market. We have plans to run future vessels on hybrid systems, electric drives, and even harnessing augmented solar energy.

Nothing is dumped into the sea, and we work to minimize the waste we do create, ensuring that it is always responsibly processed.

Boat length 17.60 M
Beam 6.10 M
Interior width * 5.7 M
Weight 23000 KG
Fuel capacity 2100 L
Draft 0.74 M
Capacity 5200 KG
Boat height ** 117″ / 2.97 M
Hull Jet Drive
Seating 50 People
Color options Standard color range
Storage 6.55 cu M

* Interior Width is measured from fiberglass inner gunnel to fiberglass inner gunnel.

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